Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Humans Versus Education Technology

An annual School Networking Conference goes on every year in Arlington, Virginia where people can be recognized for their educational technology inventions and how the technology has benefitted schools. Every year newer technology arises and schools are trying as hard as they can to keep up with the pace. Technology is expensive and because of its ever-changing structure, it makes it hard for schools to find the worth in spending millions of dollars equipping schools with it since in just a year, that money went to waste. As much as technology benefits our society, we can begin to think, are we relying too heavily on technology?

Back before technology and the Internet was the biggest thing, teachers taught, students took notes and listened. Now teachers rely heavily on their projectors, interactive white boards, Internet connection and much more to keep up with their demanding lesson plans and curriculum. Because of the invention of all these greatly beneficial educational technology teachers are able to get more information to students in a shorter amount of time and students can learn better and more things. This is of great value because it helps the students to learn as much as they can and get them the most out of their school experience. But what if there was a blackout or power outage and the school had no power? They would most likely send the students home, which is sad to say. Back in the day, rain or snow, school continued on, they worked by candlelight and teachers read from a book, yes a paper book, not an eReader.